Cancelli serrande e porte garage

  • IR-IT 2241

    Modulated IR outdoor coded photocells, 180° rotation and nominal range of 20 m.

  • IR-IT 2241 BATTERY

    Modulated IR outdoor coded photocells, with battery-operated transmitter.

  • IR-IT 2241 SOLAR

    Modulated IR outdoor coded photocells with transmitter, operated by a rechargeable battery.

  • IR-IT 2135 NEW

    Modulated IR outdoor coded photocells. Nominal range of 15 m Max.

  • IR-IT 2126 NEW

    Modulated IR coded flush-mounted photocells. Nominal range of 30 m Max.

  • IR-IT 940 NEW

    Modulated IR outdoor coded wall-mounted photocells. Nominal range of 40 m Max.

  • CL 21

    Small COLUMNS for outdoor photocells, mod. IR/IT 2135 and IR/IT 2241 and IR/IT 2241

  • CL 900

    Small columns for outdoor photocells, mod. IR/IT 940.

  • BOX 900

    Contenitore in metallo da murare o saldare per fotocellule mod. IR/IT 940.

  • ZAC 1

    Metal housing for photocells, to be welded or walled-up mod. IR/IT 940.

  • LD 100

    Magnetic detector for metal masses. Power supply 230 Vac.


    Compact led flashing light to indicate moving automations.

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IR-IT 2241

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